Your Keys to a best digital strategy

The digital world means endless possibilities in all aspects of a business. From how suppliers are contacted, through internal processes and leading to the distribution processes, to the sale and promotion of products and services, the digital revolution has transformed almost everything in its path, opening the doors for an exponential jump In the creation, innovation and efficiency of the processes.

Despite its impact in all areas, it is precisely in the processes facing the client where the possibilities generated by communication and information technologies are more evident, and where having a clear and accurate digital strategy becomes vital. In this context, the marketing area has the challenging task of responding to the changes in the communication channels, which are increasing daily, and of facing the constant changes in consumption patterns that the digital universe introduces.

That is when digital marketing must come into play, to seek to integrate digital media into marketing strategies, sales, communication and advertising companies. Creating a successful digital marketing strategy is a complex and broad task given the number of channels, the diversity of alternatives and the current dynamism of the markets.

Keys to a digital strategy
However, it is possible to list a set of key aspects for a good digital marketing strategy:

Analysis of the product and target market

This is a prime task for any marketing strategy, but sometimes it is not taken seriously enough. To penetrate a market, it is necessary to position and promote the product or service properly, and not having enough information about the market may end up making you lose the chances of having a successful strategy with a really good product. The digital world opens access to a universe of information that will allow establishing benchmarks, knowing the sales behavior of the sector, receiving advice, discovering practical cases and approaching customers to know their preferences and habits.

Set clear goals

Once you have a good knowledge of the product and the characteristics of the market where you intend to penetrate, the next step is to establish a series of precise and quantifiable objectives so that you do not lose your way at any time and you can measure the results. From general to specific objectives, these should collect realistic expectations of what is expected from sales, market capturing, covered channels and other relevant information from the physical world and cyberspace.

Establish and track specialized metrics

Having a set of Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs ) is a vital point to follow up on the objectives set. The digitalization of the processes allows to quantify a good part of the activities that were previously complicated or even impossible to measure; Makes it possible to have a great amount of information that will allow to know if a strategy is correct or if changes must be introduced about it.

Determine the financial viability of the strategy

Knowing clearly the necessary budget and being able to project the ROI of each designed strategy is indispensable to achieve the viability of the same, not only from the perspective of the goals set, but ensuring that every cent invested generate the appropriate return to justify the expenditure.

Fully address social networks

The current penetration of social networks make them a direct channel with customers , on a personal level. Social networks have contributed to increasingly break down the barriers that have traditionally existed between brands and consumers, allowing interaction in real time and as equals. The intelligent management of social networks is vital, while allowing you to be closer to the customer and listen to their concerns and needs.

Keep abreast of new trends

Markets have always been shifting, but in the digital age the changes occur almost daily. The dynamism of the digital world is such that the platforms that today are indisputable leaders barely existed a decade ago, and those who dominated at the time, may no longer exist. To think that the same strategy will continue to work is always short-sighted behavior that can generate a strong backward movement if one is not able to cope with changes in a timely manner.

Beyond the listed issues, the world of digital marketing is based on having a 360-degree view of what is happening in the environment and acting proactively and creatively to adapt to changes. Therefore, having the most appropriate techniques and knowledge for the design, implementation, measurement and monitoring of a digital marketing plan will become increasingly important, not only as a factor that will allow differentiation and growth of organizations, but also Could become an element that ends up being key for the survival of the companies in the present markets.

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