Gmail will allow faster responses with Smart Reply

Google has announced the introduction of Smart Reply in its Gmail application for Android and iOS. Smart Reply is a functionality that suggests to the users answers to the emails that it receives, using technologies of artificial intelligence and automatic learning, thus saving time the time that would be invested in thinking and writing a response.

Smart Reply is able to suggest up to three responses to simple emails, recognizing the message in the received text and generating responses with a natural language at the moment. Also, Smart Reply takes into account each user’s actions, including when he selects or ignores a suggestion, or marks an email as spam, to improve future suggestions.

Smart Reply will also allow the editing of a suggested response to enable users to customize their answers according to their own style, which will also be taken into account to adjust the suggestions that are displayed in the next few times.

So far, Smart Reply has only been available for Inbox and Allo, so this widening of the scope of functionality continues with the trend of incorporating technologies based on artificial intelligence by Google to provide users with solutions to facilitate their tasks. According to the company, this functionality is already used up to 12% of the responses currently sent through Inbox, thus showing its potential.

Smart Reply for Gmail is now available to Android and iOS users globally in English. However Google has already announced that it will introduce this in other languages gradually in the coming weeks.

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